Pearly Archive – On that Day (4 October)

  • In 2010 from Bratislava I traveled straight to Bristol, where I stayed a few days with 2 great artists before heading back to Edinburgh. It was during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2 month earlier of that year that I met Hal Camplin alias Badgertrap on stage and his pal Geoffrey Taylor (himself a singer songwriter, musician, filmmaker) while wandering around the city with my friend french MC 1sp. Lets put it this way: get 3 people like 1sp, Geof and Hal in the same room and you ll will have endless laughter and great time (a clip of our drunk adventure ended up in the feature documentary We Northern Lights in 2013). Although I went to Bristol without 1sp, we still had an amazing vibe going on between Hal and Geof, they are very talented and serious about art without taking themselves seriously and also very crazy. I have no words to express the joy and luck to visit such a great city as Bristol with such eccentricity. For the next few days I will post about my experiences filming them and playing music with them every nights.

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