Pearly Archive – On that day (18 September)

  • Though this photo was taken in 2010, the event that really happened on that day took place in 2014: the scottish independence referendum. My first ever vote in Scotland, it was a political awakening for many like me and also a chance for a new generation to raise their voice as the referendum included those aged 16-17.

Scottish Referendum Ballot paper

It was an amazing day full of hopes and excitement to witness and take part, completely the oposite of the recent Brexit Referendum. But similarly to the recent vote, many  like me woke up the next day discovering the result and feeling terribly depressed, with a sense of doom like a horrible hangover to get over with. You can read an article i wrote about the indenpendence debate and why I voted yes here. And for those not familiar with the results you can read them in full here.

  • On different year back in 2005 this rainbow came above the village of Seguret where I come from.

    Seguret sous l'arc en ciel



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